Asheville Glamping // Lifestyle Family Shoot

Several months ago, I donated a photo session to be auctioned off at Climate City Soiree - A Party & Fundraiser for The Collider. The Collider is a wonderful organization based in Asheville, NC. They are a nonprofit innovation center focused on catalyzing market-driven climate solutions. Check out their website, 

I was super excited to hear from the winner, who was also a fellow photographer! She wanted  family photos taken, which was somewhat out of my comfort zone, but I think the final result turned out wonderfully!

After talking with Lauren about potential locations for the shoot, we decided on Asheville Glamping. They are an amazing alternative campsite featuring everything from geodesic domes to glaminals to safari tents. Because I don't do family photos frequently, I wanted a location that was comfy & cozy while also being outdoorsy and boho. Also, we wanted the location to be indoors, in case of inclement weather (Basically the definition of April in NC). Asheville Glamping met all of our expectations, and then some! Seriously, go check them out on Instagram @ashevilleglamping!!

We had initially been scheduled to shoot in Dome 2, but due to an unfortunate case of pink-eye, we rescheduled for a couple weeks after our shoot date. Now don't get me wrong, Dome 2 is absolutely amazing and so adorable, but..... Asheville Glamping had just finished construction on their brand new Mega Dome. Let me tell you, that thing is spectacular! It's over 1000sqft, and features a loft with a slide! The owners graciously offered Mega Dome as a shooting location, and I jumped at the chance! This was the Mega Dome's first photoshoot, and only one set of guests had stayed there before! The site is so cute that it has me wondering "when can I move in?"

Check out the rest of our photos below! 

Alina Kolberg